Brand Value Management

Brand Value Management

Multidisciplinary consulting firm creating, building and optimizing economic value of tangible and intangible assets.

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+ 10 years of experience

Business and brand strategy consulting firm

Founded in 2009, OnStrategy is a multidisciplinary consulting firm, certified and working in compliance with ISO10668 e ISO20671 standards, which aims to create and manage business and brand value for its customers, providing analytics, strategy and valuation consulting services with independent, recognized and certified methodologies and tools to maximize the value of tangible and intangible assets.


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Brand Stakeholders

Brand strength and value comes from a wide range of sources and stakeholders. Different internal and external stakeholders may act as ambassadors or detractors.

Brand Positioning

Map and identify gaps and differences on how different stakeholders see and would like to see the brands with which they are related and interact.

Brand Reputation

Reputation is defined as the perception that the different stakeholders have in terms of past actions taken and expectations for the future of corporations and brands. For stakeholders, the...

Brand Employment

An organization success comes out from the combined strength of equity, positioning, reputation, market presence and staff alignment, commitment and performance. Through a 360º process we evaluate ...

Brand Sustainability

A brand and business due diligence tool which integrates an audit process and a consultancy recommendations pack on product, service, packaging, price, innovation, supply chain (purchase, production...

Brand Touchpoints

Brand activation monetary investments decisions must be supported by the correct identification of touchpoints and their qualitative and quantitative importance and appropriateness to generate...

Brand Strength

The brand strength management results from the combination of the analysis of external factors (everything that influences brand management and that we do not control) and internal factors (all the...

Brand Valuation

OnStrategy is recognized and certified with the ISO 10668 standard assigned by the Austrian Standards Institute, and thus became part of a limited group of companies worldwide that has the quality of...
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Pedro Tavares

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